Papal Medal, Parish News

Mary HopkinsMary Hopkins age 95 received the Bene Merenti medal from his holiness Pope Francis.

Presenting this prodigious award on behalf of His Holiness, Bishop Stephen Robson Bishop said Mary had given incredible service to the Catholic Church in her Parish of St Pius X, Dundee, for many years. She prepared the church for its worship, brought Holy Communion to the sick in their homes, instructed people who wished to enter the Catholic Church, organised prayer group in her home.

Mary was also a member of St Vincent’s charismatic prayer group for several years. As a young woman before the War, she worked as a maid in the Parish of St Joseph’s in Dundee. “Hers was indeed a lifetime of service and witness to her Church”, added Bishop Stephen.

Along with her family, with whom she now lives, Mary was joined by her friends from the Rosary group as well as former parish priest Mgr Aldo Angelosanto, and current parish priest Fr Jim Walls.