Sid Grant receives Benemerenti Medal

Papal Medal, Parish News

On Tuesday 7th May, in St James’, Kinross, a Mass of Thanksgiving was celebrated by Bishop Stephen Robson and priests of the Diocese of Dunkeld for the presentation of the Benemerenti award to Mr. Sid Grant. Sid and his wife Maureen have been stalwarts of the parish since they moved to Kinross back in May of 1972. They were joined by many parishioners in giving thanks for this papal honour, an honour for both Sid and his family as well as the whole parish.

Sid and his wife Maureen have three sons, Martin, Simon and Gerard, and were joined by members of their extended family. The Mass was concelebrated by Bishop Robson, Fr Martin Pletts the current parish priest, and Fr Mike Freyne MHM., Mgr Basil O’Sullivan and Mgr Kenneth McCaffrey.

Bishop Stephen spoke of Sid’s involvement in the life of the Church, with previous parish pastoral councils, organising of parish retreats and visits, of his help in diocesan fundraising initiatives, work with Catechists and the R.C.I.A., his involvement in KCT (Kinrossshire Churches Together) a local ecumenical body, as well as his support and great assistance to parish priests past and present, and how Sid has always encouraged other parishioners to be more involved in the life of the parish.

The Mass was celebrated on the 28th anniversary of a life-saving kidney transplant that Sid had received, and this was acknowledged with great gratitude and recognised as something which has spurred Sid on to give more of himself, to others, in service. Sid has indeed been working with committees in Ninewells Hospital to help improve the life and lot of dialysis and transplant patients for some time. He has also been involved over the years in a Polish/Scottish twinning project in the nearby city of Perth with the Polish city of Bydgoszcz, as Sid’s father was himself Polish.

The joyful Mass was followed by a celebration afterwards in the hall, when Sid expressed his gratitude and the sense of being completely overwhelmed at receiving such an honour from the Holy Father.