A Day of Prayer For Victims of Abuse

Press release

Calling for prayers for the success of the Meeting of the Episcopal Conference Presidents from all over the world in Rome this week, on the Protection of Minors, Bishop Robson expressed his desire for “frankness, fruitful exchanges, strong determination to put things right, and productive decisions.”

Bishop Stephen also announced that Bishops’ Conference of Scotland has proposed that the Friday (8th March, 2019) after Ash Wednesday should be a day of prayer for victims of abuse, and prayer materials are being sent out from the Bishops’ Conference sometime over the next two weeks to all parishes.

The format of the service for the day of prayer will include prayers for all victims of abuse of all kinds and a penitential rite to seek forgiveness for abuse committed by Church personnel.

This service will take place at 7pm in St Andrew’s Cathedral, but, at the same time, around the diocese, in outlying parishes, similar services are planned – part of the wider network of prayer across the country.