A Woman of Courage – Through Advent with Mary


God’s Word comes to earth, and a young woman makes a courageous decision to be part of the story. This series of Advent reflections follows Mary’s journey from the strange invitation, along the hard road to Bethlehem, through pain and joy, and asks what it means to nurture the Holy within ourselves.

This series of weekly Advent reflections offers a new audio reflection to listen to each week along with a selection of other reflective material to read and ponder day by day. The reflections are designed to create quiet spaces in a busy season, and use including poetry, images, music, Scripture and other wisdom writing.

All the printed material for the retreat is available in an attractive A5 booklet. Packages are available for small groups, for more information email us info@heartinpilgrimage.org.uk. For more information and to book, visit: https://heartinpilgrimage.org.uk/a-woman-of-courage/

or contact info@heartinpilgrimage.org.uk.

Online reflection series for Advent 2023, cost £25 (£30 with printed booklet)