Changes are planned at Scots College, Rome

Press release

The Scottish Bishops have undertaken a detailed review of Seminary Provision in recent months. A significant consideration in the review has been the affordability of upgrading the existing Pontifical Scots College in Rome to the standards required. 

The Bishops have accepted that the costs of this work are beyond the resources of the Conference. Considering the building’s distance from the centre of Rome, they have concluded that the sale of the building on the Via Cassia and relocation to a more central location is the best option for the formation needs of the community and for future provision. 

Alternative suitable and affordable premises are being considered as a matter of priority. Subject to permission from the Holy See, it is expected that the existing building will be put on the market early in 2021. This will only be the fourth occasion in its history that the community of the Pontifical Scots College has relocated, since it was founded on 5 December 1600.