Culture of Life theme at SPUC Afternoon for Life

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(L-R Richard Lucas, Dr Gillian Wright and Bishop John Keenan – photo by Clare McGraw)

The SPUC Afternoon for Life, held on Saturday 18th March at the Pastoral Centre at Our Lady of Victories, saw over 60 delegates gather to support pro-life work in the Diocese.  Three speakers gave talks aimed at promoting what St John Paul called the ‘Culture of Life’.  

Photo courtesy of Eddie Mahonney

Dr Gillian Wright from Our Duty of Care updated on the progress of Liam McArthur’s Assisted Dying Bill in the Scottish Parliament.  Gillian, a former palliative care doctor, explained that in jurisdictions where assisted suicide is legal, the same safeguards proposed by McArthur were initially in place.  Very quickly, the terms of law expanded to allow euthanasia for people with low or no capacity, people suffering from poor mental health and even children.  Delegates were urged to write to their MSPs (including the 7 list MPS for the constituency).  Currently, most MSPs are on the fence about the Bill and contact from constituents could swing the vote.  For anyone willing to help keep euthanasia out of Scotland, SPUC have clear and helpful campaign advice.

For most ethical issues, the Scottish Parliament speaks with a unified voice – a voice that opposes life in the beginning and end stages, disregards the vulnerable, and promotes the individual at the expense of the family.  Richard Lucas intends to change the cross-party anti-life situation in Scottish politics by winning seats in Holyrood for the ScottishFamily Party.  Richard gave a crystal-clear account of the direction Scotland is heading; with anti-life ideology taught in schools and anti-family policies embedded in society.  ‘Families’ Richard said, ‘are the building blocks of a healthy society. The government’s job is to support and encourage stable family life, for the sake of children, adults and the wider society’.

This theme was carried on by the keynote speaker, John Keenan, Bishop of Paisley and President of the National Commission for Marriage,Family and Life.  Bishop Keenan spoke about the abortion rates in Dundee, persistently the highest in Scotland, and explained the link between abortion and poverty.  Reiterating St John Paul’s message in Evangelium Vitae, Bishop John said that care for the poor and the world must be grounded in care for life at all stages and, thus, must oppose abortion.  Bishop John explained the Catholic Mission of Marriage, Family and Life and encouraged people to get involved at a personal, Parish, Diocesan and National level.  The Dunkeld Diocese pro-life Office is now up and running and anyone who wants to get involved can email

On behalf of SPUC Dundee, Clare McGraw said, “We are very grateful to Bishop Emeritus Stephen Robson for initiating the Afternoon for Life and to Canon Kevin for his continued support of Pro-Life work in the Diocese.  Thanks also to the Marian Franciscans and all the delegates who came along on the day.”