Diocesan event brings Synod preparation update

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Synod 2023 Logo

Diocesan Event in St Mary’s, Our Lady of Victories, Church Hall on Saturday 25th June from 10.30am (coffee at 10am) until 12.30pm with Mass at 1pm.

The Diocesan Synod Core Group has completed the collation of more than 10,000 written responses to the Synodal Questionnaires, Listening Group Sessions and Coffee Conversations held throughout the diocese. A huge thank you to all who took the time to participate.

Core group members have now been entrusted with the important task of writing the final synthesis and are determined to ensure it is a true reflection of the joys and concerns of the people of the diocese.

In his message to parish priests this week – Bishop Stephen invited every parish to to be represented at the above Diocesan Event when he will share feedback on the questionnaires and give details of the report which will soon go forward to the Scottish Bishops’ Conference – as well as giving ample time for questions to be asked.

Bishop Stephen will also refer to the ongoing Synodal journey for the whole diocese including the importance of preparing parishes to launch their own Synodal programme of renewal.

All are welcome!