Journey of Faith – Week 2

Faith Formation

Bishop Stephen writes, “I warmly commend to you Canon Kevin Golden’s on-line Journey of Faith presentations.  For many years now, Canon Kevin has been passionately interested in promoting the Rite of Christian Initiation as a way of welcoming those who are inquiring about the Catholic Faith and lighting up a comfortable and informative route for them into the Catholic Church.”

“The Journey of Faith has also helped many returning Catholics to reintegrate themselves into the Community of Faith, and also guide safely those who wish to explore the content of their Catholic Faith more deeply.  Canon Kevin, as Vicar Episcopal of Adult Faith Formation received many blessings himself by following a Master’s Degree in Catechesis with the American Jesuit Loyola University LIMEX Course so popular with so many Scots a few years ago and imbibed the thirst for the New Evangelisation.”

“As a gifted communicator, Canon Kevin is both Faithful to the Catholic Tradition and enthusiastic in giving an up-to-date and fresh account of the ‘Faith that is in him’, as St Paul would say. “

“His presentations from now on will be now on line as a fruit and  happy accident of the pandemic crisis of 2020/2021, as a result will be much more accessible to so many other seekers previously unable to attend his regular Wednesday Evening presentations in Dundee.”