Mission Awareness

Pope Francis has declared that October 2019 will be a special month of prayer and action to strengthen and grow God’s mission through the Church – an Extraordinary Month of Mission (EMM2019). It is an opportunity to encourage us all to reflect on and pray for the Church’s mission, and for the whole Church to fully realise that in our rapidly changing world the Gospel is needed now more than ever!

It has been 100 years since Pope Benedict XV issued the Apostolic Letter Maximum Illud, which Pope Francis describes as ‘a milestone in the evolution of the Church’s missionary work’. One century later, the call to mission ad gentes is as urgent as ever.

World Mission Sunday will be celebrated on 20 October. It is an opportunity for every Catholic community in the world to support the missionary work of the Church through prayer and offerings. The collection taken up in our parish will go directly towards helping people in areas of poverty across the world.