New Knights at St Mungo’s, Alloa

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Brothers from Councils 40; 636; 981 and Provincial Officers who attended the Full Knighthood Ceremony on Wednesday 2nd June in St Mungo’s RC Church. Alloa and supported the two Brothers who were raised to Full Knighthood.

Fr Michael Carrie is the Knight’s new chaplain

On Wednesday the 2nd June 2021 at St. Mungo’s. RC Church, Alloa Brother Brian Beaton PGK Province 3 presented Fr. Michael Carrie Parish Priest of St. Mungo’s with his Chaplains Collar.

Fr Michael replaces Mgr John Cannon Harty who died recently. Province 3 and Council 636 are extremely grateful to Bishop Stephen Robson for appointing Fr. Michael as Chaplain to Council 636.  Brother Brian Beaton PGK wished Fr Michael all the best in his new post and the Brothers looked forward to seeing him at Council 636 meetings.

Brother Brian Beaton PGK Province 3 officiated at a Full Knighthood Ceremony in St Mungo’s RC Church, Alloa where he raised Brother James Carrick (Council 40) and Brother Sandy Koptyo (Council 981) to Full Knighthood.

From left to right in the picture are, Brother John Fern (Provincial Membership/Development Officer); Brother Jamie Carrick (Council 40); Fr Michael Carrie ( Parish Priest of St Mungo’s); Brother Brian Beaton (PGK Province 3): Brother Sandy Koptyo (Council 981); Brother Jim Bryce (Provincial Treasurer and Master of Ceremonies).