Reflection on Our Lady – Lawside FP returns to talk

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On Tuesday 14th March, St Ninian’s Institute, Dundee, welcomed back a son of the Diocese, Dominican friar Andrew Brookes to present an evening of reflection on Our Lady.  Andrew, for a number of years a resident of Dundee and RE teacher at Lawside Academy, and whose parents live in Crieff, led a group from several parishes across the diocese, in a Bible based look at the life and faith of Mary.

Starting with Luke’s account of the annunciation and visitation, we looked at the grace-filled, God-fearing, discerning and wise response of Mary and how she is told her child is Divine.  Her call to be the Ark of the Covenant was examined in this scene and the Visitation to Elisabeth that followed.  The new revelation received through Simeon was examined and then the challenging scene when Jesus remained in the temple, aged 12. John’s presentation of Mary at Cana and then the foot of the Cross were examined to show Mary as a spiritual mother and a correction and fulfilment of Eve.

The presentation was accompanied by a selection of religious art included some new images produced by local Catholic artist, Janet Melrose. Andrew and Janet are working together to produce new religious meditations and accompanying new art for the decades of the Rosary.

Overall, Mary was presented as a devout Jewish woman, who was graced to believe in the Incarnation as it unfolded, and who kept faith in God and remained true to her Son through the surprising way he fulfilled God’s plans for his people.  In discussion, participants noted and were grateful for new insights into familiar Scriptures and for a deeper and better grounded and fuller sense of Mary, specifically her humanity and Jewishness, the extraordinary grace given to her, her initial but also growing faith, the challenges she faced and the sufferings she endured and her radical faith, selfless generosity and courage throughout her life.  People commented on the accessibility and clarity of the presentation and were grateful for a deepened appreciation of Mary, a foundation for a renewal of dedication and devotion to her.

Andrew has been invited back to lead a whole day on the theme of Mary at St Ninian’s Institute on Saturday October 28th 2017. Booking now available. Tel: 01382 225453