Faith Formation

Following a meeting with priests of Dunkeld Diocese, Scotland’s Landings Team have been working hard to provide resources in support of their work reaching out to those, especially at this time, who may be searching for a way back to the Faith.

Landings UK North coordinator, Margaret Johnson, was delighted when ‘working from home’ turned out to to be ‘working with home’. Her son Harry, inspired by his mother’s work, produced this short video on the theme of ‘restoration’…

Margaret told Dunkeld News – “Two more parishes in the diocese are preparing to engage with the Landings Programme in the coming months. This comes at a time when many people have had time to reflect more deeply on their faith in the face of the pandemic, a time of great need, when our church doors have been closed.”

“Behind the scenes however, there is still a lot of good work being done in our parishes – reaching out to parish communities and beyond.”