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To help people lead and facilitate conversations at the local level, the School for Synodality are running a course of online evening workshops to help people experience, facilitate and lead conversations in the spirit. This workshop series will introduce the principles of holding prayerful, truthful and safe conversations which value gracious listening and courageous speaking.

Each of the three sessions will balance input and sharing with the opportunity to be a part of a spiritual conversation so we can learn together through experience. Between the second and third week, you will also be encouraged and supported to hold your own ‘trial’ conversation and reflect on your experience with the group.

Avril Baigent, co-founder of the School for Synodality, who will lead the sessions, said that “the synod process has emphasised the importance of listening and good conversations in our community life, and this aspect has been deeply enriching for many people. However, these are not always so easy in practice!” She added that “after the success of our Practising Synodality Webinars, we wanted to offer a series of workshops to help people to bring the richness of conversations in the spirit into their communities”

The series is free, and you can register for the sessions on Eventbrite.

Book onto the April/May dates here:

The Synod on Synodality Synthesis document describes the conversation in the spirit process as something that “enables authentic listening to discern what the Spirit is saying to the Churches. Its practice has elicited joy, awe and gratitude and has been experienced as a path of renewal that transforms individuals, groups, and the Church”.

Attendees need to commit to the three sessions, which will cover the following areas:

Week 1

  • Explore the values of a synodal church
  • Be introduced to the importance of listening in Jesus’ ministry
  • Reflect on what makes a good conversation
  • Work through some values of listening and speaking

Week 2

  • Explore the role of the facilitator
  • Look at options for leading prayer at the beginning of a session
  • Think about small-group skills
  • Consider some tricky situations which might arise

Week 3

  • Reflect back on your own trial conversation
  • Think about using these materials to train others in your community
  • Make plans for how you can use your skills

The series is suitable for all levels of experience, including people not involved in the Synod process so far. After attending these workshops, we hope you will have all the resources you need to hold a conversation in the Spirit in your community.

To sign up for all three April/May sessions, please register here: