Second collections in 2016


Sunday 10th January
Baptism of Jesus
Justice and Peace

Sunday 24th January
Third Sunday of the Year
African Missions

Sunday 7th February
Fifth Sunday of the Year
Catholic Education Service

Sunday 14th February
First Sunday in Lent
Sick and Retired Priests

Sunday 13th March
Fifth Sunday in Lent
Papal and Episcopal Charities

Good Friday
Holy Places

Sunday 8th May
Seventh Sunday of Easter

Sunday 29th May
Corpus Christi
Day for Life Collection

Sunday 26th June
Thirteenth Sunday of the Year
Peter’s Pence

Sunday 5th June (Sea Sunday)
10th Sunday of the Year
Apostleship of the Sea

Sunday 28th August
Twenty Second Sunday of the Year
Bishop’s Mensal Fund

Sunday 18th September
Twenty Fifth Sunday of the Year
Ecclesiastical Students Fund

Sunday 16th October
Twenty Ninth Sunday of the Year
Mission Sunday

Sunday 27th November
First Sunday in Advent
Poor Mission Fund

+ Stephen, Bishop of Dunkeld