Silent Vigil in Dundee City Square


For 15 years now Dundee City centre has been the venue for a candle light vigil commemorating the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act and the 9 million lives lost to abortion in Britain.  The event took place in the City Square on Thursday evening during late night shopping hours.  “We’re heartened to see the numbers of people taking part in the vigil growing every year and that the response from the public is largely positive” said one of the event organisers.  The event is run by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Dundee Branch.

Over 30 people joined the demonstration from all over Dundee and the surrounding area witnessing to 51 years of legal abortion in our country.  Some of the placards used in the event display the phone number for ARCH – Abortion Recovery Care Helpline – an organisation offering counselling and support to women and men struggling after an abortion experience.  The latest statistics show that there were 1077 abortions performed in Tayside last year and that 196 of those were on mothers under 20 years old.