Special Collections in 2018

Press release

Justice & Peace
7th January:-The Epiphany of the Lord

The African Missions
28th January:- 4th Sunday of the Year

Catholic Education Service
11th February:- 6th Sunday of the Year

The Sick & Retired Priests Fund
18th February:- 1st Sunday of Lent

Papal & Episcopal Charities (including SCIAF)
11th March:- 4th Sunday of Lent

Holy Places
30th March:- Good Friday

SCIAF Wee Boxes due to be returned

The Apostolate of Communications
13th May:- 7th Sunday of Easter

The Day for Life
20th May:- Pentecost

Peter’s Pence
1st July:- 13th Sunday of the Year

The Apostleship of the Sea
8th July:- 14th Sunday of the Year

Mensal Fund
5th August:- 18th Sunday of the Year

The Ecclesiastical Students Fund
16th September:- 24th Sunday of the Year

Mission Sunday
21st October:- 29th Sunday of the Year

Poor Mission Fund
2nd December:- 1st Sunday of Advent