St Mary’s, Lochee – the work of the Church continues…

Press releases

Fr Mark Cassidy

Fr Mark Cassidy, St Mary’s Lochee, told Dunkeld News:

“We were asked to hold the final public Masses in our churches last Thursday, 19th March, the Solemnity of St Joseph. I am sorry if this caught some of you unaware and you turned up for Mass in the days following. We were only informed of this on Wednesday and it was too late to use our normal means of communication which would have been at the weekend Masses.”

“This is a serious situation for us as the Church when we cannot gather to celebrate the Eucharist together. However the work of the Church continues. Mass will be celebrated daily by your priests and the Sunday Mass will still be offered by me, as your Parish Priest, for all the people who come under our care.”

“But you are the Church and your Christian work continues: you are asked to offer this great Sacrifice of being deprived of the Mass, as well as your daily prayers and your works of charity to those in need so that we may face this crisis with serenity and perseverance and that it might come to a speedy end.”

“As your priests, we wish to continue to serve you in any way that we can. The time of reduced pastoral activity among you means that we will have increased time for private prayer which will form the greatest part of our continuing pastoral care for you. For as long as we are able to do so, we will keep the churches open at the times noted above. We will be available at these times in or around the church or house for those who wish to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) or receive Holy Communion, or for those who wish simply to speak to a priest.”

Choir and instrumentalists at 150th anniversary Mass, Immaculate Conception, Lochee, Dundee

“We are also looking to have Mass from St Mary’s on the St Mary’s Facebook page each Sunday at 9am and this will be available to watch at any later time. There will be various prayer resources available in our churches. Please take advantage of these opportunities when you can and while we can offer them, to continue the great work of the Church.”