Teachers – Setting out on the Road


Teachers from Dunkeld diocese, and further afield, spending a thought provoking initial couple of days on the ‘Setting out on the Road’ course . This course, run by the University of Glasgow, leads to the award of the Catholic Teacher Certificate.

Setting Out on the Road is an introductory course run by the University of Glasgow on teaching Religious Education in Catholic schools, leading to the award of the Catholic Teacher Certificate. It will be of interest to: Teachers who have not obtained a Catholic Teacher’s Certificate to teach religious education in Catholic schools.


  • to develop understanding of the vocation of the Catholic teacher
  • to develop knowledge of aspects of Catholic theology and Church teaching
  • to develop understanding of the distinctive nature of the Catholic school and the purpose of Catholic religious education
  • to develop skills in planning, implementing and evaluating Catholic Religious Education lessons and programmes.


  • attendance required at 4 learning days with learning structured around sections of This Is Our Faith and input provided by theologians and educators
  • completion of directed tasks in R.E. journal (in one school session) support and feedback given prior to assessment

On Day 1 of the course participants will receive an R.E. Journal which will direct their on-going learning for the school year ahead. The Journal contains directed reading tasks and activities. Course participants will be expected to complete designated assignments to meet specific deadlines. Feedback will be provided by course tutors prior to the contents of entire R.E. Journal being assessed towards the end of the school year.

The course fee is £310 per participant, payable upon enrolment.

To obtain more details click here or contact denise.porada@glasgow.ac.uk