The role of Deacons in our Church

Press release

Bishop Stephen invites you watch Pope Francis’ message on the role of deacons in the Church today.

“Do we understand clearly the mission of deacons in the Church? They bring into the clergy the world of the family and of their profession. They have much to give.”

Deacons are men with a very clear family vocation of serving God and their brothers and sisters, which is necessary for the Church. Service in the liturgy, service to the Word, and service to those most in need are essential to their mission.

Pope Francis says, “Deacons are not are not second-level priests. They are part of the clergy and live their vocation in and with their family. “

“They are dedicated to the service of the poor, who carry within them the face of the suffering Christ. They are the guardians of service in the Church. Let us pray that deacons, faithful in their service to the Word and the poor, may be an invigorating symbol for the entire Church.”

Each month, The Pope Video disseminates the Holy Father’s prayer intentions regarding the challenges of humanity and the mission of the Church.