Auchterarder stoic in response to COVID-19

Press releases

Since the churches unlocked their doors in July, the parishioners of Our Lady’s in Auchterarder have opted to celebrate Mass outdoors. Their small Church can only accommodate eight family places whilst maintaining social distancing restrictions.

Parishioner, David Homewood, said, “Every Sunday and Wednesday, Mass has been celebrated outside in the elements come wind, rain or sunshine.  Even the 4 ‘umbrella’ Masses have not deterred attendance, which on average, ranges from over 20 on Wednesdays and between 45 and 50 on a Sunday. ” 

Fr Rogi

“Until recently, Fr Rogi Thomas has been resident in Auchterarder during a break from his work at the Scots College in Rome. He was able to cover for Mgr Basil O’Sullivan whilst he was recuperating.  Thankfully, Mgr Basil is now back with us and braving the elements alongside his flock.” 

“If the Scotch mist appears, then the Mass is said from inside the house. The mic and amplifier are set up, and the laity praise God from a green and pleasant spot in the garden.” 

“From 1st November, the plan is to move back into the Church, but this will test organisation as a rota system will need to be established to allow three Masses per week, with a 2-week cycle in which families can be called forward to attend.”

PHOTOS – courtesy of Allan Perera-Liyanage