Pastoral Letter

REPENT AND BELIEVE IN THE GOSPEL! A few weeks ago, on the first Sunday in Ordinary Time, following as we are this Liturgical Year the gospel of Saint Mark, we heard the story of the Baptism of Jesus. Jesus was baptised in the River Jordan by John, and when he came up out of the water, immediately he saw the …

A Letter of Hope

Pastoral Letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters, As Christmas approaches, we, the Bishops of Scotland, wish to share with you some reflections on our present situation and offer reasons for hope, as we live through these difficult times. Firstly, we affirm the centrality of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father who became incarnate of the Holy Spirit and was born …

Catholic Education Week – 2020

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Jesus Christ: the Way, the Truth and the Life Catholic Education Week 16th-30th November 2020 My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Each year around this time, we celebrate Catholic Education Week.  During this week we: celebrate the God-given talents and achievements of our young people; acknowledge the hard work and faith witness of the staff in our schools; mark …

Bishop Stephen’s Christmas Message

Pastoral Letter

Returning from continental Europe recently, I had bought a plaster statue of the baby Jesus to put in my Crib at home this Christmas; the previous one was cracked and beginning to look a bit shabby. When we think of it, what an eloquence there is demonstrated by such a representation of the divine child! It tells of the ‘condescension’ …


Pastoral Letter

Please download an share a copy of the Pastoral Letter here. Curial Office, 24-28 Lawside Rd. DUNDEE. DD3 6XY email: bishop@dunkelddiocese.org.uk My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I write to you on this Third Sunday of Advent when the theme of JOY is central to the Liturgy: Gaudete!, Rejoice! Today we are encouraged to be joyful at the coming …

New Safeguarding Manual comes into force

Pastoral Letter

My Dear People, I write, on behalf of all the Bishops of Scotland, to draw your attention to the publication of our Church’s new Safeguarding materials which come into force on 21st May 2018. These include ‘In God’s Image’, the document which offers comprehensive guidance and instruction on every aspect of Safeguarding, including compliance with new Safeguarding standards. This has …

Good Shepherd Sunday – Pastoral Letter

Pastoral Letter

“I know my sheep and my sheep know me”
 A Pastoral Letter about our Young People
, their Discernment, Vocation and Life Choices, together with 
Our Diocesan Renewal of the Sacrament of Confirmation. FOURTH SUNDAY OF EASTER, 2018
 My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ: As we celebrate Good Shepherd Sunday together at Mass, I would like to link this important …