Christ the King

Christ the King – 21st November ’21

Mass, Streaming

St Andrew’s Cathedral, Dundee

Livestream recorded at St Andrew’s Cathedral, Dundee, Sunday 21st November 2021. Celebrant – Bishop Stephen Robson.

During his homily Bishop Stephen reminded us that, after the 40 million deaths in World War I, Pope Pius XI dared to hope for a brighter future in which the peoples and nations, who had spurned the the rule of Jesus Christ, might return to his teaching. Pope Pius XI said that, without this, there was no real hope of peace among nations. His warnings appear in his 1925 Encyclical, Quas Primas, in which his instituted the Feast of Christ the King.

In World War II, just 14 years later, over 60 million people were to die.

Christ’s Kingship is not to be judged in the light of earthly terms – but in the light of the Cross. It was Our Lord’s darkest hours that he revealed his Kingship. A kingship in which we too share through our baptism.

What is the connection between Christ’s Kingship and ours? How can we exercise the kingship he has given us. We can bear witness to the Truth in our messy and unfaithful world dominated by politics. It is here that we can acknowledge his kingly rule in our lives and thenn pray that his Kingdom can be fully present on earth, just as it is in heaven.

His rule and his law are rightly way above earth manly laws. They always trump them when God’s law is contradicted by man’s.