Diocesan Finance Committee

Very Rev. Kevin Canon J. Golden (Diocesan Administrator)
Very Rev. Mgr. Aldo Canon Angelosanto
Rt. Rev. Mgr. Kenneth J. Canon McCaffrey
Very Rev. Mgr. Patrick J. Provost McInally
Sheriff Kevin Veal
Miss Melissa Walton
Mr Malcolm Veal

The finance committee of the diocese is presided over by the bishop and is composed of at least three members appointed by him. Members are appointed for five years. It is the responsibility of the finance committee to prepare each year a budget of income and expenditure over the coming year for the governance of the diocese. It is also the responsibility of the committee to account at the end of the year for income and expenditure. The committee is to give advice about overall diocesan strategy and planning.

A financial administrator must also be appointed for five years. As an administrator, the task is not to make policy decisions, a function which belongs to the bishop with the finance committee. Their task is to carry out the policy the committee has established, to make payments in accordance with the budget policy and administer the funds on a day to day basis. The basic responsibility of the financial administrator is to manage the diocesan funds in accordance with canon law. (Canons, 492, 493 and 494)

Final Accounts 2012