Dunkeld’s new deacon


On Sunday the 3rd of December, the first Sunday of Advent, Andrew Marshall was ordained to the sacred order of Deacons by the reverend Bishop Stephen Robson. The ordination Mass took place in St Mary’s College Oscott, with the formation staff, seminarians and a few select friends and family members in attendance.

Deacon Andrew said, “It was a wonderful occasion and the most special moment in my life to date. I feel overjoyed to have been granted the precious gift of ordination and I am grateful to God for having called me to this ministry. Having made my promise of celibacy and obedience and the promise to faithfully say the prayers of the Church and to shape my life according to the Gospel values, I feel enriched and freer than ever before. It was a joy to commit my life to God in these wonderful ways and I am excited to begin this new phase of my life.”

“The ordination Mass was beautiful with everyone in the college community having made a tremendous effort to ensure that things went smoothly. The college school sang beautifully and the serving team were well-rehearsed. The kitchen staff prepared a beautiful meal for me, with food and service to the highest standard.”

“I am grateful to all of the kind people who were involved in both my formation and the organisation of my ordination, as well as the many people who have supported me in prayer. I could not have reached this first stage of the sacrament of holy orders, without the grace of God or without the support of the prayers of the faithful.”