Free events at St Ninian Institute


Thursday 4 August

9.15am – 9.55am
Life to the full. Tim Stevens of CaFE will give a presentation on sharing the joy of the Gospel through the power of the sacraments

10.05am – 10.45am
Tim Stevens continues by sharing the joy of the Gospel through the community of parish courses. Tim will share a wide range of resources currently available.

Friday 5 August
St Ninian Pastoral Institute, Lawside, Road, Dundee.

Prof John Haldane, distinguished international academic, returns to The St Ninian Pastoral institute to give a presentation entitled ‘Why do we need mercy’? This topic has been chosen to contribute to the many positive discussions held in the Holy Year of Mercy.

All are welcome.

There are no charges for any of the above. If you or anyone you know would like to attend any of these presentations please phone the office on 01382 225453, by Tuesday 2nd August, so we know the numbers to expect