Little Sisters of the Poor say sad farewell

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Little Sisters of the Poor

Little Sisters of the Poor

At a Mass in St Andrew’s Cathedral in Dundee, celebrated by Bishop Stephen Robson and priest from throughout the diocese, the Little Sisters of the Poor said a sad farewell to the Diocese of Dunkeld and, in particular, to the people of the city of Dundee where they have lived for over 150 years.

“24 Years after our Mother foundress St Jeanne Jugan, founded the congregation in the winter of 1839, 4 Little Sisters and 2 novices arrived in Dundee to continue her work. Sister Emmanuel, the first English little sister of the poor was in charge of the foundation they arrived with only the simple baggage. Like Jean they would trust in God’s providence, to provide for the elderly who would come to them for help”.

“The home of the Little Sisters of the poor in Dundee became a reality on Wednesday 15th April 1863 thanks to the help of Mr Thiebault, one of City’s Merchants who offered to buy the property known as Wellburn in the name of the sisters. This was the beginning of the life and work of so many of our sisters who have cared for the elderly down through the years. We would never have achieved this work without the love and support of all here present today, families, friends, the Association Jeanne Jugan Members, staff and volunteers”.

“The decision to leave Wellburn after 152 Years,as you may imagine was a very painful one for us, but with the decline of Vocations and other major factors we felt after much Prayer and reflection that this was the hard decision we had to make. What softened the blow for us a little was the fact that Bishop Stephen and his management team in the Diocese wanted to keep Wellburn going and we are very happy to know that our residents and staff will remain in the home”.

“We have seen many changes over the past 150 years and we have valued the love and friendship of all who have been involved in the life of our home, to those who have helped, supported and befriended us. The generosity of the people of Dundee has been outstanding and never failed us also our friends in Dundee City Council who have been truly wonderful throughout this process”.

“Our prayer is one of gratitude and thanksgiving for the graces and blessings which we have received in our home. Our prayer for each one of you is that you may be blessed for your love and generosity and may St Jeanne Juggan continue to inspire each one of us with love and respect for the elderly”.