New book honours Perth’s parish’s WW1 service

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On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the 1st Armistice Day, Steve Clayes, has completed his timely publication of a book to honour the service given by parishioners from St John’s, Perth, and by the former pupils from the parish school of St John’s, during World War I.

Together with Deacon Harry Schnitker, parish historian Steve was the joint editor of the 2007 publication, ‘From Persecution to Integration: The Scottish Catholic Experience as seen from Perth – 1685-2007’, which marked the 175th anniversary of the Perth church.

In a foreword to the new publication, Deacon Harry writes: ‘The First World War’s centenary commemorations are all behind us and the war is passing from memory into history. It is important, then, to recall those who fought and those who died, to ensure that at least something of their lives, cut short by violence, is remembered. Steve Clayes’ meticulous research has certainly managed to save that little something, the precious details of lives that were so strongly rooted in the Catholic community in early twentieth-century Perth, but that ended overseas.’

In addition to the names of those who died, Steve has collected the names of all who took up arms from St John’s parish and from the Catholic school, serving as a reminder of the huge sacrifice they made.

Steve says, “As you turn the pages – please remember to pray for their souls. The publication ends with the great penitential Psalm, ‘Out of the depths I have cried to you, O Lord’, Psalm 129 – as an invocation to prayer.”

Copies available parish through the parish website and/or buy directly from St John’s Parish Shop after Sunday Masses or from the Diocesan Centre, 24-28 Lawside Road, Dundee DD3 6XY – price £7.50 – (and on KINDLE for just £5.75).