Pope Francis backs planned move for Scots College in Rome

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Plans to relocate the Pontifical Scots College in Rome have been backed by Pope Francis.

Archbishop Leo Cushley met with the Holy Father at the Vatican on Saturday (18 September) to discuss the proposed move. Speaking after the meeting, Archbishop Cushley said: “Pope Francis expressed his full support for the intentions of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland to move the college into Rome city centre. 

“I was delighted to hear that and I know my fellow bishops will be too.” The decision to relocate seminary, where young men in Scotland train for the priesthood, was announced in December after building upgrades were deemed too costly. 

The college is currently on Via Cassia, around 10km from the city centre. The Bishops’ aim to sell the building and believe a more central location is the best option for the formation needs of the community and for future provision.

Archbishop Cushley added:

“Saying goodbye, the Pope asked for our prayers for him, which I was happy to promise him on behalf of Scotland’s Catholics.