Keeping the stable door open – by Deacon Len Moir


I am writing this note to you in order to try to understand present events. Headlines have just declared that we should expect a ‘digital’ Christmas… whatever that may mean! Many branches of the media are also encouraging people to utter nonsensical opinions… I hope I’m not adding to that! And many may feel in a really bad way. It is really not funny. So, let’s go fishing. Let’s go on a gentle trawl through scripture and see what we can catch for life’s voyage. As we have plenty to complain about, let’s try and calmly navigate through some of the storms, real or imaginary, and see where the compass points of faith are directing us.

Hopefully our book is based on common sense and on explanation of the Christian faith. It is open equally to those of that faith and to those of any faith and to those of none. At the end of the day, we are all connected by our humanity and our shared responsibility for the natural world around us.

Deacon Len



In a sequel to his first lockdown book Deacon Len shows us that, contrary to contemporary wisdom, Christmas is not – and never will be digital. We will open our hearts to Jesus in the same way the innkeeper opened the stable door to the Holy Family.