Helping your child prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation


The Sacrament of First Reconciliation is an important moment in your child’s faith journey. This publication is intended to complement the many weeks of teaching that is being done by teachers and priests.

It puts a copy of the learning that has been done into the hands of the children and their parents. It is a succinct summing up – it is not a ‘short course’ alternative!


This Is Our Faith, the new syllabus for Catholic religious education in Scotland, now governs the teaching of religious education in Scotland’s Catholic schools.  This is the first religious education syllabus to be originated wholly in Scotland and designed to meet the needs of young people in Scotland.

The Holy See’s granting of the Decree of Recognitio is a rare and momentous achievement and pays testimony to the great efforts of so many people who have contributed to the development of the new syllabus.

Core Learning of This Is Our Faith which is the Church approved content for Curriculum for Excellence.




The Sacrament of First Reconciliation is an important moment in your child’s faith journey. Over the last few years at home and the community, as well as in school, your child has learned the importance of friendship, family bonds and trust. When there are misunderstandings, disagreements or wrong choices, your child has gradually learned how to mendt hose relationships, with good example, and is gradually learning the art of forgiving and being forgiven. This is a lifelong lesson.

As your child has grown in understanding, free will can allow personal choices about activities, preferences in food or style, and behaviour.Your child can choose to be kind or unkind; selfish or unselfish; loving or unloving. Making wrong choices or “sins” need to be healed and forgiven in order to be free from sin and grow in love.

The desire to do better and choose well helps your child to mature in relationships and learn to live a more joyful and happier life.It will be most helpful if you as the First Educators of your child can accompany on this important stage of the Faith Journey.