Prayer in times of hardship – by Deacon Len Moir


The following papers on prayer are the result of a heartfelt effort to make sense of the problems and predicaments surrounding all of us from Covid-19. We each have a unique “take” on these dreadful events whether we have a faith or not. In our humanity we may feel a need to wonder how others are coping. This basic need and concern is part of humankind’s heritage.

To those of the Christian Faith, we have a model of how to grapple with the problems being thrown at us at present. The following reflections hopefully reveal something as to what the Christian Faith is about in psychological and social terms. In such very serious circumstances, I have tried to avoid morbid pessimism and the overloading of unhelpful facts. I have tried to apply a light touch in telling you a little about who I am. I am certainly no expert in pandemics, but, if you wish, read on, you might find some of this helpful. 

Keep well!

Deacon Len



Deacon Len Moir new book offers support to those of us who have found the onset of the Covid19 pandemic to be a struggle. For many, the places where they would normal worship, or perhaps just pop in to say a prayer, have been closed; social distancing divides us from our families and friends; and for those with no church connections, it may be that they too are searching for a deeper understanding.

How hard is it to pray at times like this?

Deacon Len