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In God’s Image

‘In God’s Image’ (download here) was published by the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland as an “Instruction on Safeguarding for implementation in all Catholic canonical jurisdictions in Scotland and by all other groups and organisations in Scotland subject to a legitimate canonical authority of the Catholic Church”.

It is intended to explain and to direct the approach to Safeguarding that is to be practised at every level of the Catholic Church in Scotland.

For the public, and for Catholic faith communities in particular, it was written to explain how the Catholic Church in Scotland makes every effort to protect from all forms of harm and abuse those children and adults who are vulnerable or at risk.

It has also been written to direct those who are responsible for managing Safeguarding arrangements in parishes, dioceses, Religious Institutes and Catholic organisations on how to comply with these new national Safeguarding standards.

These Resources

These resources, issued by the Safeguarding Team of the Diocese of Dunkeld, brings into place the safeguarding measures and responsibilities as outlined in the ‘In God’s image: Safeguarding in the Catholic Church in Scotland‘.

They are designed to support both the Parish Priest and the Parish Safeguarding Co-ordinators to manage the day to day safeguarding requirement of their parishes. 

They look to provide guidance on all areas of best practice in safeguarding as outlined by ‘In God’s Image’ and although not an exhaustive list we hope to provide as much information as you may require to perform the ministry of safeguarding.

If not contained within, we also look to signpost you towards more detailed guidance that can be accessed as required.

It is hoped that the use of these resources and complementary material will contribute greatly to promoting a safer culture and building good safeguarding practice in your parish church and community.

Available downloads –


Standard 1

Standard 1: Creating and maintaining safe Church environments  

1.2       Parish Risk Assessment  – (pending)

1.3       Parish Risk Register   – (pending)

1.6       Sex Offender Contract (Template)   – (pending)

1.7       GDPR Photograph & Video Statement   – (pending)

1.8       GDPR Child Photo & Video Consent form   – (pending)

Standard 2

Standard 3

Standard 4

Standard 4: Providing care and support for survivors

Standard 5

Standard 5: Managing and providing care for those accused of abuse

Standard 6

Standard 6: Working together in Safeguarding

Standard 7

Standard 7:  Training and support for all involved in Safeguarding

Standard 8

Standard 8: Quality assurance in Safeguarding

Parish Safeguarding action plan

Risk assessments

Links to websites

Diocesan Governance Policies

c. Diocese Computer Usage Policy (pending)

e. Bring your own device Policy – (pending)