St Bernadette's, Tullibody

A Good Friday Reflection

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from Fr Mike Freyne, St Bernadette’s, Tullibody

“Today across the world, millions of Christians will celebrate Good Friday. The day on which Jesus was crucified on the cross.

But, you might not feel much like celebrating today. With the world in the grips of crisis, you may feel like God has forsaken you.

If so, you’re not alone. As Jesus died on the cross so his followers began to doubt everything he had been telling them. Didn’t he tell them he would rise again? Didn’t he tell them he’d conquer death? And yet, in the darkness and grief of Good Friday, they forgot.

And like us, those who followed Jesus can be forgiven then for forgetting. For crying out in anguish as they watched their friend and teacher die. For forgetting what he promised time and time again.

But, there is hope!

Today is not called Good Friday because good things are happening right now. It’s called good because of what has been promised. And His promises are so, so Good! His promise of resurrection, His promise of beating death, His promise of eternal life.

So too are his promises of strength. His promises of compassion, his promises of Love.

So, whatever it is you’re facing today. Whether you’re in a period of grief and pain or not. Remember, it is Friday…. But Sunday is coming! “

Fr. Mike.