Members of Association Jeanne Jugan Renew Their Promises

Parish News

Each year on or around 1st May the feast day of St. Joseph the Worker, members of the Association Jeanne Jugan come together with the Little Sisters of the Poor to make their annual promise.

When the Little Sisters were at Wellburn the Associates would make their promise in the presence of the Sisters and Residents, however since their departure this has not been possible. 

Mgr. Ken McCaffrey with Associates in Ss Peter & Paul’s, Dundee

Although four of the Associates were going to join the Little Sisters in Glasgow on 5th May to make their promise along with Associates from Glasgow and Edinburgh, we felt we would like to make our promise in one of the parishes in Dundee. 

We approached Mgr. Ken McCaffrey who is a great supporter of the Little Sisters of the Poor and was more than happy for us to renew our promises during morning Mass on Saturday 4th May where he welcomed six of the eight Associates. 

During his homily Mgr. Ken shared how when the Little Sisters were at Wellburn all the Associates were more directly involved in their work of service to the elderly in various ways.

After the departure of the Little Sisters each Associate has strived to continue this in a smaller and more personal way which could be looking out for elderly neighbours, family members, those who may feel lonely, showing patience and respect to those we meet either at work or in the passing. Fundraising is also undertaken to support their work while at the same time promoting the work of the Little Sisters.

The work of the Little Sisters of the Poor is now even more important in the care of the elderly given the private members bill in the Scottish Parliament on assisted suicide. Let us pray for more vocations to the Little Sisters of the Poor and all those who care and value our elderly.

As Saint Jeanne Jugan said “Take good care of the Elderly, for it is Jesus himself whom you care for in them”.

Associates from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee with Mother Marie Claire (left) and Sr Rosario Flor outside the home in Glasgow.