Passover Meal at St Fillan’s, Newport

Parish News

The north Fife parishes of St Fillan’s Newport and Our Lady Star of the Sea, Tayport, recently gathered for a Passover Meal involving five of our children – Jack, Nathaniel, Stella, Daniel and Magnus – together with Mgr Martin Drysdale, some parents and friends.

St Fillan’s Newport and Our Lady Star of the Sea, Tayport, Passover Meal

Jack Meiland reports, “Understandably, the children’s first view of the dining table with dried Matzos, some lamb and vegetables, and not a piece of chocolate nor ice-cream to be seen, it did not entice them into believing that this was going to be the best party ever!”

“However, once they participated in the stories from the Old Testament about the Jewish people’s great hardships in Egypt, their 40 years in the desert and their trust in God, they began to understand that this Passover Meal was special.”

“They could now begin to link this meal with our fasting and abstinence during our 40 days in Lent and the stories from our New Testament and about all the wonderful things that Jesus did for us, and, God is still doing for us. And, yes, the sight and fulsomeness of the wine and sweet fruit juice on the table hinted at a great promise of rich feasting and the joy of the Resurrection.”

The children were really looking forward to their First Communion on Sunday May 31st, when they would become active participants in our Church community, both spiritually and socially. This has now been postponed until later in the year